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Brandon Brown

I never imagined my journey was worth sharing. Surrounded by small business owners, I saw everyone had a story. So, why tell mine? Why expose the highs and lows of life and business? Should we be that vulnerable? For years, I kept my story close. But now, as we celebrate our 18th year in business, I've been encouraged to share, to offer advice, and to support others in their growth. The more I've opened up lately, the more people have come to me seeking inspiration or expressing how my tale of overcoming challenges has helped them persevere. I'm thrilled to announce that, after my interviews on Fox and Friends and Newsmax, Amazon Publishing approached me about writing my biography. Initially hesitant, I realized the potential to inspire others, and I couldn't resist the opportunity. So, I am delighted to share that my book, "Cool Success," is now published and available. It's a heartfelt account of my journey, filled with gratitude to my wife, kids, family, friends who always believed in me, and thank you to God for guiding my path. I invite you to join me on this journey of growth, resilience, and success. Purchase your copy of "Cool Success" today and discover the power of perseverance and determination. Thank you for your support.

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