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Mary Woodruff is a resident of Lynchburg, Virginia, and is the matriarch of her family. She is a shining example of resilience, faith, and selflessness. Her journey is one marked by profound trials, unwavering faith in God, and a heart dedicated to helping her loved ones, even when faced with her own health challenges. Mary has navigated a life filled with loss and hardship, yet she has consistently put the needs of her family before her own. The trials shes encountered include the heart-wrenching loss of loved ones and the unceasing effort to support and care for her children and grandchildren. Her selflessness knows no bounds, and her dedication to her family's well-being is a testament to her character. One of the defining features of Mary's life is her unshakable faith in God. She has entrusted her path to the divine, knowing that even in the darkest of moments, she is not alone. This deep faith has been a guiding light for her, sustaining her through life's storms and providing her with the strength to persevere. Despite the challenges she's faced, Mary's most recent obstacle was a stroke in her eye that left her with total blindness in that eye. While many might have been disheartened by such an experience, Mary's spirit remains unbroken. She continues to live her life with grace and unwavering determination, just as she always has. However, life has not been without its financial struggles. Mary's fixed income makes it difficult to afford essential needs, particularly as the cost of heating oil continues to rise. With the winter chill approaching, the lack of a heating system poses a significant challenge to her well-being. Mary Woodruff would love to have your vote in the Trane heating and air system giveaway to provide a comfortable home for her and visiting family members. The unwavering love and sacrifice she has made for her family and a chance to provide her with the comfort and safety she needs during her time of need. Your vote for Mary is a vote for hope and a brighter, more comfortable future for this extraordinary matriarch.

The Rose Family

Shaneka Rose is a resident of Lynchburg, Virginia, and a mother of five amazing sons, October 2019 brought on many trials that would have left many feeling utterly defeated. However, Shaneka's story is one of remarkable resilience, determination, and an unwavering commitment to not only survive but thrive amidst adversity. In the span of a single month, Shaneka endured the heart-wrenching trifecta of a miscarriage, the loss of her mother, and a divorce from her husband. It was a series of blows that could have easily shattered her spirit, but instead, it pushed her into an even stronger person. Shaneka pushed through her trials to provide a better future for her children and herself. Shaneka's journey of strength and perseverance is a testament to never give up. Despite the immense emotional turmoil, she has faced, she managed to return to college and successfully obtain her bachelor’s degree in business administration. All the while, she home-schooled four of her five sons and proudly sent her oldest off to college to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Shaneka's unwavering dedication to her family's future is nothing short of inspiring. However, the challenges did not end there. Shaneka currently faces the daunting task of providing a comfortable and safe living environment for her family without a working heating and air system. She has had to resort to using space heaters and window units to regulate the temperature in her home. This situation is particularly critical as two of her children have G6PD deficiency, a condition that compromises their immune systems. The family must be vigilant in preventing illness to avoid hospitalizations. As she faces the challenges of life head-on, Shaneka would love to have your vote to win the free Trane heating and air system, which would be a glimmer of hope in their lives. A working heating and air system would not only provide comfort and safety for her family but also alleviate the financial burden that comes with maintaining a comfortable home.

The Gunter Family

Joshua and Summer Gunter are residents of Appomattox, Virginia, who are hoping to win a free Trane heating and air system. Joshua and Summer are the proud parents of three adorable little girls. Their family is a picture of love and unity, with two twins and an older sister. Among their twins, Harper stands out with her incredible courage. Harper was born with a congenital heart condition called tricuspid atresia, a condition that has required multiple surgeries to ensure her well-being. On July 24, 2023, Harper bravely faced her second heart surgery, proving that she is a true warrior. Joshua is currently employed but is currently out of paid time off due to his daughter's health. Summer is a devoted stay-at-home mother, taking care of their precious girls and managing the household. The challenges they’ve faced, including Harper’s medial expenses and the need to travel for her surgeries, have taken a significant toll on their finances. Adding to their difficulties, the Gunter family currently lacks a functioning heating and air system in their home. Instead, they rely on window units to cool their home during the summer. While they do their best to keep their family comfortable, these window units result in higher electricity bills, putting even more strain on their family. This is where your consideration and support can make a world of difference. By voting for the Gunter’s in the Trane heating and air system giveaway, you can help alleviate the financial burden they carry and provide much-needed comfort for their family. Your vote can mean more than just a new heating and air system; it can offer a breath of fresh air and a brighter future for the Gunter Family.

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