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5% off HVAC Replacements, Water Heaters, Water Treatment

10% off HVAC and Plumbing Service Repairs

Normal Diagnostic Charges 24/7

24 hour Emergency service

Priority Service within 48 hours

NO OT trip charges (members receive the diagnostic for only $99 per diagnostic visit)

2 HVAC cleanings a year

1 Plumbing Inspection a year

1 year labor and parts guarantee on EVERY REPAIR.


HVAC Checklist

•      Inspect refrigerant levels & pressure

•      Check & adjust thermostat

•      Inspect wiring, contacts, capacitors & relays

•      Inspect and clean evaporator coil

•      Inspect and clean condenser

•      Inspect and condensate drain and or condensate pump

•      Inspect outdoor disconnect

•      Inspect indoor and outdoor fan motor & blades

•      Inspect compressor amp draws


Plumbing Checklist 


·      Leak Detection

·      Dye Test

·      Water Main Checks

·      All water lines and drains that can be accessed will be checked for leaks and operations

·      1 Tankless Water Heater descaling a year OR Tanked drained and anode rod checked

·      Toilets checked for tightness and leaks

·      Sinks Draining with ease

·      Water Hardness Test 

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